About Us


Introducing Melma, Founder of Glow Empire: Melma, a visionary entrepreneur and passionate advocate for all-natural cosmetic solutions, embarked on her journey to create Glow Empire. Drawing upon her experiences as a candy-striper and her own personal struggles with various skin issues, Melma harnessed her knowledge and determination to revolutionize the beauty industry. Applying her firsthand understanding of the challenges faced by women dealing with skin concerns, Melma developed a line of non-venomous, all-natural cosmetic products. Inspired by her own journey, she sought to provide effective solutions that address common issues that many women encounter. During her own physiological state, Melma confronted skin issues that deeply affected her self-worth. From battling skin disease and stretch marks to combating melasma/symptom, she understands the emotional impact these challenges can have on a woman's confidence. Driven by a desire to empower women and help them regain their self-assurance, Melma curated a collection of products within Glow Empire that target these specific concerns. By combining her firsthand knowledge with a commitment to using natural ingredients, Melma has crafted a brand that offers transformative results without compromising on quality or safety. Melma's vision extends beyond simply providing effective cosmetic solutions; she strives to foster a community where women can support and uplift one another. With Glow Empire, Melma invites you to embrace your unique beauty, overcome your skin struggles, and radiate your inner glow with confidence. Join Melma on this empowering journey with Glow Empire and experience the transformative effects of all-natural beauty products that enhance your self-worth and celebrate your true beauty.